Shower Your Bathroom With Upgrades

Rely on Euflooria for a custom shower installation in Las Vegas, NV

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom. Why not give it a fresh, new look? When you hire Euflooria for your shower remodeling project or flooring installation in Las Vegas, NV, you'll be able to enjoy your bathroom in a whole new way. A stone or tile shower installation will not only enhance your bathroom, it will also add to your home value.

Contact us today to start planning your shower remodeling project in Las Vegas, NV.

Shower Installation

You can't really get clean in a dirty shower

Over time, showers accumulate all kinds of grime. If you're cringing at the sight of your shower as you wash your hair, it's time to call Euflooria for a new shower installation in Las Vegas, NV. During your shower remodeling project, we'll:

  • Select your preferred tile or stone
  • Rip out your dingy old shower
  • Install a new shower pan
  • Install the new tile or stone
  • Install your new glass door

We'll also handle the associated plumbing work.

You'll feel like a new person every time you step out of your new shower. Visit our flooring store in Las Vegas, NV today to discuss a new shower installation.